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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paul Hampton Slam Bam Thank Ya Mam

Paul Hampton was born Paul Schwartz, 1937, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that went from singer,song writer to actor. It all started at a Dartmouth College rugby game. Paul Hampton from Oklahoma City was injured and had to spend a couple of weeks sitting down as much as possible. A favorite sitting-down place was the fraternity house piano bench, where long-time music student Hampton began to improvise, then write songs. In the spring of 1957, while in his sophomore year, Paul went to New York and played some of his songs to former screen star Carmel Myers. She set up an audition with Mitch Miller, who signed Hampton to Columbia Records as a singer of his own songs. The first recording session resulted in the single "Classy Babe"/"Play It Cool" (Columbia 41037, UK Philips PB 787), released in November 1957 a mild pop single. Hampton's Columbia singles (1957-1959) are mostly in the style of Charlie Gracie's Cameo recordings, though not quite of the same quality. Hamton's classic is on Columbia 41145 Slam Bam Thank Ya Mam / Live A Live Of Love a hard rockin' tune for the day. After Columbia, he recorded for a variety of labels, including Top Rank, Dot, Cameo and Warner Bros. His 60s records can no longer be qualified as rock and roll, rather as teen pop. Paul made several TV appearances, including a few on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand". In 1967, Hampton recorded an LP, "Beautiful Beginnings", which was released on Andy Williams Barnaby label. He even has a blue eyed soul single that fit into the northern soul collectors field on Decca 31928 What Good Am I / One Drownin' Man recorded in 1966.

Paul Hampton starred and wrote songs for full screen and TV movies and shows. I put together a filmography of his first five movies. To be honest the one I have have pictured is his best out of the five. All Movie Guide gives it 3 stars.

1958 Senior Prom (Moe Howard of the Three Stooges producer)
1963 Wild Is My Love
1964 Combat: Losers Cry Deal
1969 Black Water Gold (made for TV)
1969 More Dead Then Alive

Columbia 41254 Love / The Longer I Love You was from the movie Senior Prom. The song Love is not a bad little rocker nowhere as good as Slam Bam but worth a listen.

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